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Announcing DCM license for open source projects

· 2 min read

Today we're excited to announce a new license type: open source project licenses!

Working on open source is difficult because you usually have to work late at night or on weekends, which makes every minute count but also increases the chance of error. This is where DCM can help. Enabling DCM rules helps reduce the time spent fixing tricky bugs and reviewing code. It can also help you align the coding style between your regulars and new contributors.

We are introducing this license primarily for maintainers who are not paid to work on open source, so if you apply as an employee of a company that owns the project, we do not guarantee that your request will be approved.

What are the conditions?​

The Open Source license is a Teams version license that works for a specific project. It does not require license activation and key management, plus it works not only for the main repository, but also for all forks.

All you have to do is fill out the form with your contact email, your project URL and a short description of the project.

We do not require mention of DCM in your project's README or on its website. And yes, the license is free for you and all contributors.

If you are an open source maintainer, actively working on a project that is helpful to others, and want to use DCM, we encourage you to apply!

How to apply?​

To apply for the OSS license, visit our pricing page and click the "Apply Now" button in the "Open Source" license section.

Then fill out the form with the contact email, project URL (ex. GitHub URL) and a short description of the project you are working on. We would like to give priority to projects that are helpful to other developers in the community, so that's why we are asking for the description.

Once you submit the form, we will contact you shortly.

We hope that DCM will help you ensure the highest level of quality in your projects and reduce the time spent reviewing PRs.