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Command Line Interface

To use the package as a command-line tool, run:

$ dcm <command> lib

It will produce a result in one of the supported formats:

  • Console Free+
  • HTML Pro+
  • GitHub Teams+
  • Checkstyle Teams+
  • Code Climate Teams+
  • JSON Teams+

Available commands

The following table shows which commands you can use with the tool:

CommandAliasExample of useShort description
initidcm init libGeneral command to set up DCM.
runrdcm run --analyze libRuns multiple passed DCM commands at once.
analyzeadcm analyze libReports lint rules violations.
analyze-widgetsawdcm analyze-widgets libCollects quality score and usages of Flutter widgets.
analyze-structureasdcm analyze-structure libShows how files depend on each other and external packages.
fixfdcm fix libFixes issues produced by dcm analyze command.
formatfmtdcm format libFormats *.dart files.
calculate-metricscmdcm calculate-metrics libCollect code metrics for Dart code.
check-exports-completenessecdcm check-exports-completeness libChecks that an exported API exports all used types.
check-parameterspdcm check-parameters libChecks various issues with parameters.
check-unused-filesufdcm check-unused-files libChecks unused *.dart files.
check-unused-l10nuldcm check-unused-l10n libChecks unused localization in *.dart files.
check-unused-codeucdcm check-unused-code libChecks unused code in *.dart files.
check-dependenciesddcm check-dependencies libChecks missing, under-promoted, over-promoted, and unused dependencies.

For additional help on any of the commands:

$ dcm <command> --help

Global options

Global options:
-h, --help Print this usage information.

--version Reports the version of this tool.

--show-installation-hint Show a hint on how to install this particular DCM version.

Multi-package repositories usage

If you run a command from the root of a multi-package repository (a.k.a. monorepo), it'll pick up analysis_options.yaml files correctly.

Additionally, if you use Melos, you can add custom command to the melos.yaml.

run: |
melos exec -c 1 --ignore="*example*" -- \
dcm analyze lib
description: |
Run DCM in all packages.
- Note: you can also rely on your IDEs Dart Analysis / Issues window.

Manually locating the Dart SDK

If for some reason the Dart SDK was not located automatically (and you have it in your PATH), pass the --sdk-path CLI option with the absolute path to the SDK folder when calling any DCM command.

For a locally installed Flutter SDK, the expected folder is named dart-sdk and is typically located at ...flutter/bin/cache/dart-sdk (where flutter is the Flutter SDK folder).

Alternatively, you can run which dart (or an alternative Windows command) and replace /dart with /cache/dart-sdk.


If you are setting the path to the Dart SDK manually, consider reaching out to our support team.

We are interested in supporting as many cases as possible to ultimately reduce the need for manual setup to zero.