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Advanced linter
for Flutter and Dart

DCM helps your team move faster by unifying code style, reducing the time spent on code reviews, onboarding new team members, and finding and fixing tricky bugs.


DCM is a tool to build maintainable software faster. It provides you with valuable insights that you didn't know about before. No AI hallucinations, purely statically available data that would take too long to collect manually.


DCM comes with powerful fixes that you can apply from both your favorite IDE and CLI. Violation preview helps you quickly choose new rules and find fixable issues that you can address right away. Everything to make you more productive.


One way to move faster is to timely remove anything that slows you down in the long run. On top of that, removing unused code, files and localization helps you find unintentionally unused parts that are actually bugs.


DCM is designed with your needs in mind. There is no code style that suits everyone. Choose the rules and metrics that will help you, and customize them so that they help you as effectively as possible.


DCM provides extensions for the most popular IDEs used by Dart and Flutter developers so you can get real-time feedback on code changes. And various CLI output formats and integrations provide the ultimate CI/CD experience.