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Android Studio / IntelliJ Plugin

DCM plugin is reponsible for starting the analysis process and displaying analysis errors.

To download the extension,

or search DCM in the IntelliJ / AS plugins list.

Plugin capabilities

All the errors calculated by the analysis process will be displayed in the opened files and in the DCM Problems View.

Quick fixes are also available, simply call the quick fix menu on the issue in the opened file.

You can quickly fix all fixable DCM rule issues with "DCM: Fix All Auto-fixable Problems" IDE command or via a shortcut ⌘ + Shift + S.

DCM Fix All IDE Command


Wrap with ...

Analysis options files

If the analysis_options.yaml file is open, the plugin will mark all rules that support additional config with ⚙️ icon.

Analysis options config icons preview

You can also call code actions menu on each rule to quickly change its severity, disable it or open the rule documentation.

Analysis options code actions preview

DCM Problems View

Separate view is used to display the errors, calculated by the analysis process. Several other actions are also available from this view, like restarting the analysis process or calling the quick fix menu for the selected problem.

DCM Problems View

DCM Status Widget

You can easily see the status of the DCM analysis process in the bottom right corner of the IDE. Clicking on the status widget allows to call additional actions, like restarting the process or seeing the timeouts for analysis requests.

DCM Status Widget

Available commands

  1. DCM: Restart Analysis server
  2. DCM: Activate License key
  3. DCM: Share Feedback
  4. DCM: Fix All Auto-fixable Problems
  5. DCM: Format Current File

Available configuration

  1. Dart SDK path - is detected automatically if listed in PATH, but can be set up explicitly, if another version of the SDK should be used. FVM is also supported, if the project has a .fvm/flutter_sdk symlink - it will be used by the plugin as well.
  2. DCM executable path - is detected automatically if listed in PATH, but can be set up explicitly.


See the changelog.