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Global Configuration


Global configuration is available only for DCM 1.17.0 or higher.

DCM supports global configuration, but only for setting the executable version constraint.

To configure DCM globally, add a dcm_global.yaml file to the root of your project:

version: '>=1.17.0 <2.0.0'

The version constraint entry supports the same syntax as the sdk entry (for the Dart SDK version constant) in pubspec.yaml.

If the installed executable does not match the constraint, you'll get a notification in your IDE and all analysis-related DCM commands will produce a warning and exit with an error code.

The tool will continue to work even if the installed DCM version does not match the configured constraint.

Multi-package repositories support

If you have a monorepo with the dcm_global.yaml file in the root, DCM will show a version mismatch even if you open just a subpackage.