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Number of Parameters

The number of parameters is the number of parameters received by a method (or function). If a method receive too many parameters, it is difficult to call and also difficult to change if it's called from many places.

Config example

number-of-parameters: 4


  MetricComputationResult<int> computeImplementation(
Declaration node,
Iterable<ScopedClassDeclaration> classDeclarations,
Iterable<ScopedFunctionDeclaration> functionDeclarations,
InternalResolvedUnitResult source,
) {
int parametersCount;
if (node is FunctionDeclaration) {
parametersCount = node.functionExpression?.parameters?.parameters?.length;
} else if (node is MethodDeclaration) {
parametersCount = node?.parameters?.parameters?.length;

return MetricComputationResult(value: parametersCount ?? 0);

Number of Parameters for the example function is 4.