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Codemagic is a CI/CD solution which helps you test and release your Flutter apps with zero configuration and no pain.


With codemagic.yaml

To enable DCM add the following script to codemagic.yaml

- echo 'previous step'
- name: DCM
script: |
mkdir -p metrics-results
flutter pub run dart_code_metrics:metrics analyze lib --reporter=json > metrics-results/dart_code_metrics.json
test_report: metrics-results/dart_code_metrics.json

check out Codemagic docs for more details about codemagic.yaml setup.

With the Flutter workflow editor

To enable DCM check the Enable Dart Code Metrics option:

DCM Flutter workflow editor

check out Codemagic docs for more details about the Flutter workflow editor setup.

Output example

Results preview

DCM results

DCM results expanded


DCM logs