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added in: 1.4.0

Configure types that you want to ban.


This rule requires configuration in order to highlight any issues.

⚙️ Config

Set entries (default is empty) to configure a list of entries for types to ban.

Each entry is an object with 4 fields: paths, types, message and severity.

Set paths (can be a regular expression) to configure the list of paths for entry to trigger on.

Set types (can be a regular expression) to configure the list of types to ban.

Set message to configure a user-facing message for each issue created from this config entry.

Set severity to override default severity for the given entry.

- avoid-banned-types:
- paths: ['some/folder/.*\.dart', 'another/folder/.*\.dart']
types: ['SomeType']
message: 'Do not use SomeType here.'
severity: error
- paths: ['core/.*\.dart']
types: ['CounterBloc']
message: 'State management should be not used inside "core" folder.'

By default, the 'SomeType' RegExp will match any type name containing this string. For exact matches, use ^ and $.


For Windows devices, ensure that the paths config works with Windows path separators.


❌ Bad:

void function(SomeType someParam) { // LINT
// ...

if (value case SomeType(: final field)) { // LINT
// ..

✅ Good:

void function(SomeOtherType someParam) {
// ...

if (value case SomeOtherType(: final field)) {
// ..